Ravensburger Cute Monster Memory


What you get ??Cute Monsters Memory game comes with 48 tiles and instructions.
Fun play experience - you can play a game in 5 minutes, and it's perfect for 2 - 8 players ages 3 and up, Which makes this a perfect children's gift for birthdays and other special occasions.
Easy to understand instructions ??Cute Monsters Memory comes with a clearly written instruction manual that's easy to understand - you can start playing right away!
Great replay value ??this game helps children practice their focus, memory, and matching skills, which makes each game unique so this preschool toy can be played over and over. Memory also offers great solo play opportunities for your child, as well as being a great game for adults to join in on the fun.
Artwork you will love ??enjoy cute pictures of adorable Krakens, Vampires, Cthulhus, Yetis, Cyclops, Aliens and many more.

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