SIKU 0125 Toddys - Anna Amby


When Anna and Amby??¢s emergency phone rings, someone urgently needs their help! Anna switches on the siren, and the signal red Amby dashes to the accident scene with blue lights flashing. At the scene Anna examines the casualty and immediately starts to give first aid. Very often Anna can help a lot, and the pains are soon forgotten. Then she places the patient on Amby??¢s super-soft stretcher. Thanks to the adjustable backrest, transport is possible in a sitting or lying position. Anna is now back in the driver??¢s seat, and the three of them drive to the nearest hospital. When they have delivered their patient, Anna and Amby immediately get ready for their next mission. Exciting, top quality toy for children from 24 months and upwards, with friction motor (flywheel motor) to encourage fine motor skills, perseverance, patience, and for having fun. The Anna play figure has movable parts: The head can be turned, the arms can be raised, and the legs can be bent. The Amby vehicle can be divided into three parts and combined with other Toddys vehicles. Light and sound effects to support the vehicle characteristics. The cushion on the reclining surface can be folded up or down, and so the figure can be transported in a sitting or lying position. Anna Amby is compatible with components from other manufacturers. siku ??Click&Play??system: Easy to combine thanks to the twist-and-push system of the vehicle parts

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