SIKU 1550 VW The Beetle


Special model for the anniversary - 100 years of Sieper. One century ago Richard Sieper established a foundry business in L?denscheid. That company is now led by the fourth generation of the Sieper family. The family of companies includes those which manufacture the siku and WIKING brand products. For the anniversary there is a limited edition of a VW Beetle with a “100 Jahre Sieper” (100 years of Sieper) logo. The doors open, and the Beetle is also fitted with a trailer coupling.

SIKU was founded 100 years ago in Germany. "Playing together" has been the maxim of siku for years. The variety of ways to combine the individual models and accessories offers endless playtime possibilities. Whether you prefer realistic combinations or unique designs, anything is possible and everything is allowed. Here, your imagination knows no bounds. Connect, improvise, have fun! Toy vehicles of the same scale from the SIKU Control, Super and Farmer series are nearly always compatible, resulting in endless possibilities for maximum creativity and fun. Apart from being fun, children's toys should above all be safe. siku's choice of materials, construction, processing and technology all offer incredible safety. They are free of plasticizers and PVC and comply with international toy safety guidelines. siku's high standards of quality and safety are reflected in our passion for our products; this has enabled siku to provide safe and secure fun to children for generations.

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