SIKU 1941 Streetscooter Organic Fresh Delivery Service


Fresh eggs and milk, crispy rustic bread, juicy fruits, and crisp vegetables straight from the fields ??the BIO delivery service brings the food direct to your front door in the city. Not just the goods are environmentally friendly, the transport is too, because delivery by electric StreetScooter is completely emission-free. The driver??¢s cab of this siku model is made of metal, and the superstructure is plastic. A flap at the rear can be opened for loading and unloading. With the sheet of stickers provided, the transporter can additionally be decorated with the lettering ??Fresh organic deliveries??in various languages, and also with colourful images of fruit and vegetables. And because a delivery service requires suitable produce, there are also four cardboard sheets from which preprinted foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, eggs, and milk can be pressed out. However, on only two of the four sheets are the components printed in full colour. Only the outlines are printed on the other two sheets, and so the children themselves become creative and can colour the foodstuffs in whatever way they wish.

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