Smoby Cotoons Balls Game


A colourful and fun toy to stimulate your baby!

The Cotoons Balls Game will enable your child to develop his eye/hand coordination and his motor functions while having fun! In addition, he will experience the concept of cause and effect as he explores different ways to play!?

Your toddler will have hours of fun observing and dropping the balls onto the ramps. With its colourful design and light effects, the Cotoons Balls Game will surely entertain baby at any time of day!

(2x LR44 batteries included)

About Smoby: As one of the most famous French toy manufacturers, Smoby Toys knows what makes children and parents happy - innovative and educational toys that are cheerfully-colourful. Because children are born explorers, they understand and experience the world by playing and by trying things out. This is why age-appropriate and safe toys are so important. Smoby Toys is an expert in quality and a leader in educational research for toys ranging from baby to school age. And let??¢s not forget that playing with Smoby toys is really fun!

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