Smoby Smart-Robot Tic


With the interactive toy "Smoby Smart Robot TIC" your child can learn body parts and colours while having fun!
Playful, this robot has 3 game modes:
- Body parts learning and recognition: thanks to touch sensors your child will learn where arms, feet, belly and head are.
- Colours learning and recognition: your child will differentiate 4 colours (blue, green, orange and white).

It will be enough for your child to listen to his robot's instructions and to respond to it correctly. Eyes move and sound effects ring out according to the answer, it does vary it is right or wrong.

- Motor skills: dance/move with music. The robot dances and its head bows from left to right. Several different melodies are included to entertain your child!

LED screen. FR/GB/GE/DU mode.

For children aged 12 months and over.

3 LR6 batteries included.

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