Smoby Smart-Robot 123


With the interactive toy "Smoby Smart Robot 1,2,3" your child will develop his motor skills while having fun!

Playful, this robot has 2 game modes:
- Game: your child places himself on the start line. The robot hides its eyes with its hands. Meanwile, your child must move to get as close as possible to the robot. When the robot drops its hands, your little-one must stand still. The robot checks that he remains motionless thanks to the motion sensor. If the robot sees him move, your child loses and has to return to the start line.
If your child does not move, the game takes up again. To win the game the child must press the robot's head.

- Motor development: "Follow me", thanks to its 3 wheels the robot gives instructions to your child: move forward, move back, turn on yourself, dance.
The Robot 1,2,3 is motorized and has 3 wheels including 1 idler wheel to turn 360°.

Your child will love his new playmate!

Multicolours LED in the middle. FR/GB/GE/DU mode.
For children aged 18 months and over. Product size:20x15x26cm

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Interactive & Electronic Toys
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