Smoby Baby Nurse Foldable Pushchair

  • Take a walk with your favourite baby doll!
  • Steering the pushchair is easy thanks to its lightweight design
  • At the end of your stroll quickly and easily store your pushchair thanks to an easy and safe folding system
  • You can also remove the fabric to wash it whenever you want - Use a sponge that's slightly dampened.
  • Play pretend with this pushchair whenever and wherever you want!
  • For children aged 2 years and over.

About Smoby: As one of the most famous French toy manufacturers, Smoby Toys knows what makes children and parents happy - innovative and educational toys that are cheerfully-colourful. Because children are born explorers, they understand and experience the world by playing and by trying things out. This is why age-appropriate and safe toys are so important. Smoby Toys is an expert in quality and a leader in educational research for toys ranging from baby to school age. And let??¢s not forget that playing with Smoby toys is really fun!

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Pretend Play