Smoby 310717 Ptitoo - Kitchen


Smoby 310717 Ptitoo - Kitchen. With the Ptitoo kitchen, your child will be able to develop his motor skills and his awakening from an early age! This kitchen with soft and pleasant colours is equipped with basic functions: hotplate, sink, oven, espresso machine, storage spaces, cric crac buttons, ... The lateral shelves are removable to extend the game area, and to have extra storage spaces. Many first age functions have been conceived: oven's door with 4 different shapes, and cric crac clock unveils key moments of the day to find our bearings in time. More than 25 accessories are included: stewpot, frying pan, BBQ utensils, cups, glasses, plates, spoons, forks, knives, capsules (coffee/milk/chocolate), salt shaker (cric crac), shapes, dummy accessories, and chef's hat in cardboard to personalize. The height of the countertop is 40.5cm. For children aged 18 months and over. Made in France. Item dimension: 65.8 x 35 x 85cm

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