Smoby 312103 Smoby Chef Cake Pops Factory


Become a real baker with the Smoby Chef Cake Pops Factory!

This playset will enable you to realize cake pops while having fun with funny cooking actions.

First, prepare the cake pop dough: the cookbook will give you a lot of recipe ideas.

Then, shape the balls and make them jump and slide on the ramp!

Plant the chocolate covered sticks in the balls and put them in the fridge for an hour.

All you have to do is to cover them with chocolate previously melted in a double boiler and to personalize them thanks to the sweet decorations dispenser.

You can proudly display them on the display or pack them in plastic bags to offer or keep them.

Many accessories are included: 1 decorations dispenser, 1 removable display, 1 double boiler, 10 lollipops sticks, 20 ribbons, 20 bags, 2 decoration tools, 1 bowl, 3 measuring spoons, 1 big spoon, and 1 cookbook.

For children aged 5 years and over - Made in France.

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Pretend Play