Smoby 312303 Chef Corner Restaurant


Smoby 312303 Chef Corner Restaurant. Enter into the universe of the restaurant industry with Smoby! The 2 separate spaces representing a kitchen area and a table service section will enable your children to be a chef and a consumer. The eating area has a table, a stool and a menu. Your child will be able to pick the order thanks to the different tickets included and to hang them on the top of the kitchen to begin the preparations. The kitchen has all the necessary to become a real chef: fridge, oven, hotplate with sound effects, sink, tap with real water function, espresso machine, and a cookbook. The checkout integrated to the kitchen, has a cash register with a money drawer, a real calculator with a LCD screen, and a credit card reader. Your children will be able to imagine thousand stories thanks to the accessories' richness! More than 70 accessories in total including stew pot, frying pan, cutlery, sauces, food, cash money, cutting board which also serves as a tray for serving, slate to write the menu, ... Evolutive, this restaurant will grow up with your children thanks to its removable baseboards enabling to gain 8cm in height! Countertop height: 50 - 58cm. For children aged 3 years and over. Made in France. 1 CR2032 battery and 1 LR54 battery included. Item dimension: 64 x 48 x 100cm

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