Smoby Electronic Cash Register


A very realistic electronic cash register!

Weigh your products on the mechanical scale, select the product on the touch screen and the price will be displayed on the LCD screen. Make all the calculation you want with the integrated calculator. Scan the items and the scanner makes a bip sound and lights up red like a real cash register!

To pay, nothing more simple, pass your card into the reader or access the cash drawer by pressing the button. Need a clean up on aisle 2? Let your staff know by making an announcement on the microphone! Includes 2 cardboard food boxes, a can, 9 coins and 12 bills.?

About Smoby: As one of the most famous French toy manufacturers, Smoby Toys knows what makes children and parents happy - innovative and educational toys that are cheerfully-colourful. Because children are born explorers, they understand and experience the world by playing and by trying things out. This is why age-appropriate and safe toys are so important. Smoby Toys is an expert in quality and a leader in educational research for toys ranging from baby to school age. And let??¢s not forget that playing with Smoby toys is really fun!

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Pretend Play