Smoby 350111 Large Cash Register


Smoby 350111 Large Cash Register . Become a real little salesperson with your large cash register!

It has all the necessary elements for the good running of your store: a cash drawer, a real calculator, a dummy microphone, a bank card reader, and a scale with mechanical action (when you put something on it, the weight displayed automatically adjusts).

30 accessories are included to brighten play functions up: 1 scanner with sound and light, 1 can of apple juice, 2 dummy boxes (cookies / pasta), 4 receipts, 12 tickets, 9 coins and 1 credit card.

You will be able to play cashier with your friends for long hours!

For children aged 3 years and over - Made in France.

1 LR54 battery included and 2 LR03 batteries not included. Item dimension: 39 x 21.5 x 16 CM

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Pretend Play