Smoby 810718 Sweety Corner Playhouse


With the Sweety Corner your children can receive their friends to take a snack!

Equipped with a half door, 2 windows with louvered shutters and a sliding shutter, the playhouse enable children to prepare something sweet!

Your children can cook pancakes thanks to the frying pan, make ice creams, and take their customers' payment!

18 accessories are included to brighten functions up: 1 plate, 1 fork, 1 knife, 1 spoon, 1 mug with a lid, 1 frying pan to flip pancakes, 2 pancakes, 1 sugar pot, 1 sprinkles jar, 2 ice creams, 4 cashier receipts, 1 credit card reader, and 1 credit card.

You can keep your playhouse in your garden for a long time thanks to its stable and sturdy structure, and its anti-UV treatment that guarantees a good resistance and a colour durability over time!

You can also add some various accessories to create the playhouse that best suits your little one! (please verify the compatibility)

Easy to assemble. Dimensions: 105 x 110 x 127 CM.
For children aged 2 years and over - Made in France.

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