Smoby 840400 Adventure Course


With the adventure course your children can stimulate their motor skills and develop their balance, coordination, sensory awakening??

Composed of 4 bases and 4 boards, the path is perfectly flexible and intuitive. It will enable you to assemble the elements as you want, and promises endless configurations!
You can use the path inside and outside. It is UV and bad weather resistant.

Boards, in blowmoulded plastic, guarantee strength and safety! As for them, the bases have a non-slip surface, for walking and jumping on them, in complete safety.

Once the game is over, you can easily store the items in their transport box.

The path is approximately 3.5m in length (maximum).

Discover examples of configurations and postures here!
Maximum user weight: 50kgs.
For children aged 2 years and over - Made in France.

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