TOLO 89170 Roller Rattle


TOLO 89170 Roller Rattle

6.9cm x 8.9cm x 8.9cm (L/W/H)

  • A colourful ball with a pleasing rattling sounds.
  • Baby’s first experience of rolling and cooperative play.
  • The rolling action is designed to promote sound and movement to the baby.
  • Great in either the nursery, the garden or the bath.

12+ months

  • Encourage lots of exploration and self discovery of the ball. See if your infant can discover that the ball can roll on the ground - assist if necessary
  • Talk about the rolling motion, colours and sounds of the toy. 
  • Encourage your infant to roll the ball and crawl after it. 
  • Try to initiate a game of rolling the ball to-and-fro 
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