TOLO 89240 Electronic Cash Register


12+ months

??Let your child explore the toy and discover the buttons to push, card to swipe and other features. If struggling to discover all the features, demonstrate them for your infant while talking about what you are doing.
??If your child has accompanied you on shopping trips, see if he or she recognises the toy and what it does.
??Explain that a cash register is where shopkeepers store their money and give people change when they are buying things they need. Ask your child questions related to shopping/money to encourage language development.
??Show your infant how to clear the numbers and start again.
??Encourage lots of role playing when your child is a bit older and developing pretend play skills. Take turns being a shopkeeper and customer, use food, other toys and household objects to buy and sell.
??Use descriptive language and encourage your child to make up stories as you role play.

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