TOLO 89560 Shape Sorter Play Bench


12+ months

‧ Give your baby the different shapes to look at and rattle
‧ Show your baby how to put the shapes in the correct spaces and hammer them in. Show your infant what happens when you try to put the wrong shape in a hole. Explain that it doesn't fit using encouraging language
‧ Talk about the colours and challenge your baby to show you the shape that matches the colour.
‧ Don't empty the sorter - but take out one shape at a time and challenge your baby to fit the shape in - using lots of praise.
‧ Increase the challenge by removing two shapes at a time - building up to completing the task in one go.
‧ As your baby develops he or she will be able to sort the puzzle out independently using both shape and colour knowledge.
‧ Always use encouraging and supportive language and praise successful sorting.

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