TOLO 89911 Pony Club Pastel Colour

12+ months

??Turn on the vehicle and show your child the car and horsebox in action - demonstrate how to press the head down to make it go. (At this stage your infant may be too young to do this themselves but they will love to watch the car spring to life and move across the floor.)
??Let your baby explore the car and horse trailer and demonstrate how the two can be attached and detached from each other.
??Show your baby the driver and horse and their moving, clicking parts. Show how the horse can fit inside the trailer to be transported along from one place to another.
??Imitate the sounds the car makes and praise your infant if they can join in with you.
??Show your baby that the toy moves and encourage your little one to push it along the ground and crawl after it.

18+ months

??Talk about the appearance of the car and it's driver - e.g. what colour it is, how many wheels has it got? Introduce younger children to new language they may not have come across before such as steering wheel, headlights, horn, trailer, horse etc.
??Imitate the sound effects of the car and encourage your infant to do the same - ??brum brum, beep beep??
??Show your child how to turn on the car and make it go. Encourage them to do it by themselves and to chase after it.
??Relate the toy to a real car (and trailer if possible) and show your infant the similarities between the two.
??Talk with your older child about the car and its trailer - what does a car do? Why do we need cars? What does a trailer do?
??Encourage your child to use his or her imagination to play. Let your child take the lead but help with ideas if necessary. You may like to bring in other Tolo farm animals, vehicles and accessories to help your child create a colourful imaginative world of farmyard fun!
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