Vilac 9506 Hieroglyph Chess game


This chess game created by Vilac is inspired by the collections of the Egyptian Antiquities department of the Louvre Museum.Presenting the civilization that evolved on the banks of the Nile, from the end of prehistory (around 4,000 BC) to the Christian era (from the 4th century AD), the department founded by Champollion in 1826, today boasts more than fifty thousand works. It offers the visitor a circuit that is both chronological and thematic to tell the story of more than four thousand years of civilizations! The wooden chess board is collapsible and the set consists of the following: one collapsible game board, 32 bricks with Egyptian hieroglyphs (one side in blue and one side in orange), drawstring pouch for the pieces, and rule booklet in several languages. Ages 6 and up.

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