Italtrike 3200SCR La Cosa 2 Scooter Red


Italtrike 3200S La Cosa 2 Scooter Red. La cosa 2 is the first evolutionary 2 in 1 trike. In just one vehicle it combines 2 different functions, ride-on and tricycle. Conceived and designed to support children's? growth and their motor skills. At the beginning, it is used as a ride-on, learning to sit and balance, turn the handlebars and move forward with legs; then it turns into a tricycle by inserting the two pedals into the axle of the front wheel, so as to learn the circular movement of the pedal stroke as well as to coordinate it with the steering. Ready for a journey in total autonomy. A training to be developed safely and easily at home. Max user weight: 35 kg. Product size: 47.5x21x29 cm

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Tricycles & Ride-Ons